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Heating Hoses

H 13 A Series

Heated Sampling Hose with Exchangeable PTFE Core

The PTFE core of this heated sampling hose runs without being interrupted by metal screwings from the gas take­off point to the analyzer. In case of a choking, it can easily be exchanged.

The inner side of the heated carrier hose, through which the core is led, consists of a continuous metal corrugated hose. This metal hose offers a very good heat conduction, a homogenous heat distribution to the entire length, a light weight and an enormous flexibility.

Cable screwings on both sides allow an easy mounting. In addition, the heating hose can be vertically fixed on a chimney with these cable screwings (please mind the strain­relief). In the same way, the heating hose can be fixed at the side wall of an analytic instrument. 

The maximum operating temperature of PTFE is 250 °C. For higher temperatures, tubes made of VA, titanium or similar materials should be used.

Technical Data:

max. lengths : 50 m
nominal diameter: 4 ... 12
Nominal voltage: 230 V~
connection: silicone hose line (3 m) with integrated sensor line and multi-pole plug (e.g. for HT 20 temperature regulator and HT MC1)
outside protective hose: polyamide, black
temperature sensor: Fe-CuNi (J)
fixing: screwings
borehole: Ø 47 mm

Special equipment upon request!

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