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Heating Hoses

H 13 B Series 

Self-Limiting Heating Hose with Irremovable PTFE Core

Self-limiting heating hoses regulate their heater power in accordance to the respective temperature levels. Thus, as soon as the desired temperature is reached, there will be no further heating-up and the value will be held persistently. In case that temperature differences occur in some sections of mounted heating hose, the heater power will be adapted section by section to the ambient temperature. The result is a homogeneous heating-up.

Up to a length of 100 m, H 13 B heating hoses are also deliverable as yard ware for the self-finishing. Thus, the length of the heating hose can be determined on the spot and it can be finished with an optionally deliverable finishing set.

Technical Data:

max. length: 100 m
operating temperature: max. 65 C, 120 C
nominal diameter: 4 ... 8
nominal voltage: 230 V~
outside diameter: 42 mm
end caps: with strain-relief and bend protection in PA 6 or silicone
outside protection: polyamide 6 corrugated hose, flame-retardant, halogen-free, temp.: -40 C to +120 C, temporary +150 C

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