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Accessories for the Connection of Heating Hoses

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Heated Couplings

Heated couplings are required when heating hoses are connected to each other and the temperature in the connecting element must be kept constant. The inner part of the heated coupling consists of two aluminum shells, insulated with silicone foam, on which the heating is fixed. The outer casing is made of PA 6 formed part. The couplings can be opended and are screwed together after the installation. Inside the terminal block is a clamped connection for the power supply and the cable lead-through.

The power is selected to make sure that the temperature in the coupling remains constant at 200 C. Thus, in most cases, a regulator is not necessary but can be used on demand. The nominal voltage is 230 V~.

On request, heated couplings can also be produced with sparings, which allow the heating of special branchings.

order no. type power inner diameter heated length total length
80 10 00 HIH 08 12 W 22 mm 70 mm 96 mm
80 10 01 HIH 16 24 W 40 mm 90 mm 120 mm

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