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Heating Cable with Metal Surface

Mineral-insulated heating cables are produced with a seamless outer casing made of copper-nickel or high-quality steel. For the electric insulation, the internal heater wire is embedded in magnesium oxide.

A wide range of resistances enables various heating conductor lengths and operating voltages. 

A junction sleeve (pic. 1) - to be soldered or welded - connects the heating cable with the also metal sheathed cold end section. The result is a heating cable construction with homogeneous heat output down to the connecting box or the control cabinet. For the case leadthroughs the heating cables are fitted with metal screwings (pic. 2).

Mineral-insulated heating cables are used when high standards are demanded. They can be used to heat tubes, containers, tanks, armatures and much more. Mineral-insulated heating cables can be embedded in the ground or in wall constructions made of concrete or similar materials.

They are suitable for frost protection as well as for the conservation or generation of process heat in the range of 400 C up to 600 C.

The special characteristics are

  • high mechanical stability
  • waterproof construction
  • non-combustibility
  • high heating capacity of several hundred watts per meter heating cable
  • max. operating temperature up to 600 C
  • small bending radius
  • good processability with simple tools
  • good resistance to corrosion

With tension bands the heating cable can be fixed directly on the parts to be heated. Another assembling option is to use metal mats or perforated plates, where the heating conductors are allocated meander-shaped.

Please specify your project - we will quote an appropriate configuration. 

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HSM - 400 C

Heating Cable with Copper-Nickel Cover

HSM was specially designed for the usage in humid areas. It is extremely robust and flexible and easy to install. Therefore it can be used in concrete as well as in the ground. The solid copper-nickel outer cover is resistant against water, oil and gas and non-combustible.

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HSMV - 600 C

Heating Cable with Special Steel Surface

The HSMV Heating Cables can be used under extremely corrosive conditions. Due to its low resistance values, even long pipe systems are no problem.

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