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Temperature Regulators

Multichannel Microprocessor Regulators


Microprocessor Regulator for 2 Control Circuits

This compact regulator for the mounting on a DIN rail has a couple of extraordinary features:

  • very compact dimensions: 110 x 70 x 72 mm (l x b x h) 
  • easy to install due to the connection with detachable edge connectors 
  • at 230 V~, heater powers of 2 x 600 W (triacs) or 2 x 1500 W (mechanical relays) are switched internally, without additional circuit amplifiers
  • external set-point setting via 4 - 20 mA current signals 

The following elements are obvious: possible use of different temperature sensors, self-optimizing regulation parameters, potential-free signal contact that is adjustable for each channel, digital display for nominal value and actual value as well as a nominal value limitation between 0 and 250 C.

The following operation modes are possible:

  • Mode 1: Regulation of two heating circuits

For switching the load, two electrical triacs and two mechanical relays are integrated in the device.

If the internal triacs are used, the heating current is additionally led through the mechanical relay. In case of an error message (sensor break, excess temperature), the heatings are mechanically separated from the mains. 

  • Mode 2: Regulation and supervision of one heating circuit

One heating circuit operates with two temperature sensors: sensor 1 registers the regulation temperature, sensor 2 monitors and regulates the limiting temperature. This mode is especially suitable if the section to be regulated reacts very slowly and if the controlling of the maximum temperature of the heating element is particulary important during the heating-up period.

  • Mode 3: Regulation and limitation of one heating circuit

One heating circuit operates with two temperature sensors: sensor 1 registers the regulation temperature, sensor 2 registers a limiting temperature (can be adjusted to a value which is 1 to 20 K higher than the nominal temperature at sensor 1). If the limiting temperature is reached, the regulator cuts the heating permanently from the mains via a mechanical relay. A restart is possible by a reset.

Please note: due to the fact that the sensor signals are handled in one single processor, the device must not be employed as a safety temperature limiter.

Technical Data:

set point range: 0 - 250 C
control system: P / PD / PID self-optimizing
power control: 2 x triac and / or 2 x relay
temperature sensor: NiCr-Ni (K), Fe-CuNi (J), Pt 100, Ni 120
mounting: DIN rail 35 x 7.5 according to EN 50022
case dimensions / -material: 110 x 70 x 72 mm (L x W x H), Lexan 940 / Noryl VO 1550
load current (triac): max. 2 x 2.5 A
load current (relay): max. 2 x 6.5 A
safety class: I
protection category: IP 40
order no. nominal voltage
06 40 50 230 V AC
06 40 52 115 V AC
06 40 55 24 V DC

Ht60.jpg (11068 Byte)
HT 60

Multichannel Microprocessor Regulator 

The microprocessor-controlled multiplechannel regulator is designed for 5, 9, 13 or 15 temperature-control circuits with inputs for Pt 100, Fe-CuNi (J) or NiCr-Ni (K) and with electrical insulated triac outlets. The cycle time is about 10 ms per channel.

The regulating structure for all control circuits is, similar to PID, with starting automatic. Two-position and three-position regulations are possible. The regulating parameters and the set points can be adjusted on the front and be locked to avoid unintentional manipulations. After changing to the "parameter level", several set points can be adjusted for each regulating channel; even when the mains is cut off, these data are memorized. A starting ramp is programmable for each control circuit.

All control circuits are monitored for excess temperature or insufficient temperature. Potential-free signal contacts will switch in case of deviations.

HT 60 regulators are equipped with a diagnostic program which controls, among other things, sensor inputs and control outputs. Error messages comprise the measurement point and the type of error (excess temperature, insufficient temperature, sensor break or short-circuit of sensor).

In case of sensor failure, each channel can be operated manually, thus, the power can be adjusted on a percentage basis.

As an option, a serial interface: RS 232 / RS 422 or RS 485 is deliverable.

Case: 19" plug-in 3 U, 220 mm

Technical Data:

two-position-regulator / three-position-regulator

control system: PI / PD / PID, plus starting automatic and regulating parameters are adjustable for each channel
nominal voltage: 230 V + 5 % / -10 %
outputs: industrial triacs in impulse-group control
switching power: per outlet max. 230 V / 5 A, per group max. 15 A
ambient temperature: max. 45 C
set point range: 0 - 500 C with thermocouples, 0 - 999 C with Ni-CrNi, 0 - 500 C with Pt 100
terminals: 2.5 mm (detachable)
case dimensions: 3 U, 42 HP (19"-version)
weight: about 3 kg
order no. number of channels sensor
06 60 11 5 Fe-CuNi (J)
06 60 21 9 Fe-CuNi (J)
06 60 31 13 Fe-CuNi (J)
06 60 12 5 NiCr-Ni (K)
06 60 22 9 NiCr-Ni (K)
06 60 32 13 NiCr-Ni (K)
06 60 38 15 NiCr-Ni (K)
06 60 13 5 Pt 100
06 60 23 9 Pt 100
06 60 33 13 Pt 100
06 60 39 15 Pt 100

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