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Tube Furnaces

Tube Furnaces according to Customer's Requirements for Operating Temperatures between 50 C and 1000 C


pic. 1

Horst tube furnaces are made of standardized components according to customer's requirements.

Each customer gets an appliance with technical features, well-suited to the individual needs.


pic. 2

  • As standard desktop model with detachable stand and protective barrier (pic. 1 and pic. 3).
  • As reactor heating, integrated in a production or test set-up. Picture 2 shows a variant on a running rail with counterweight for an easy position-control of the furnace.
  • As three-part tube furnace on a sliding rail
  • As a heat source in portable calibrating devices
  • As a built-in type for 19" casings
  • As a stationary model for use in combination with eight inserted furnaces, water-cooled to minimize the impact of the heat radiation impact on the operating staff (pic. 4).


pic. 3


Short heating-up times and homogenous heat distribution are special features of all tube furnaces.

This is achieved by using electrically insulated heating conductors, which allow a narrow winding round the tube. The total power is distributed on a relatively long heating conductor, which keeps the surface load of the heating conductor low.

Each tube furnace can be used in vertical or horizontal position and has a built-in thermocouple.

Tube furnaces must be used in combination with a temperature regulator. You can either use an available control device or choose a matching regulator from our product range, like the HT 30 or the HT MC1 regulator.


pic. 4

For a quotation please let us have the following specifications:

inner tube diameter: 3 - 120 mm
inner tube material: heat-resistant high-grade steel, quartz glass, ceramics
heated length: 50 - 1000 mm
operating temperature: 50 C - 1000 C
temperature sensor: NiCr-Ni, Pt 100, others
heating zones: as required, dependent on the heated length
nominal voltage: 12 - 400 VAV
description of the application

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