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Heating Tapes and Heating Cables Ready for Use

ST 100 - ST 300

Safety Transformer according to EN 60742 for Heating Cables with Nominal Voltage of 42 V

The safety transformers ST 100 and ST 300 with separate windings are required for heatings with a nominal voltage of 42 V.

In case of a short-circuit, these transformers are protected by an integrated thermal fuse and against overload by an exchangeable glass tube fuse.

The primary 230 V~ input is carried out by a power cable with a flat plug which complies to the European norm. The secondary 42 V~ consumer outputs are connected by clamps.

The transformers are encapsulated in outer casings.

Please ask for further output currents or output voltages.

Technical Data:

ST 100 ST 300
input voltage: 230 V~ 230 V~
output voltage: 42 V 42 A
output current: 2.3 A 7.0 A
testing voltage: 5000 V 5000 V
outlet terminals: 1 pair 2 pairs
dimensions: 79 x 86.5 x 129.5 mm 119 x 107.5 x 176.5 mm
weight: 2.5 kg 5.5 kg
type: safety transformer corresponding VDE 0551 part 1, EN 60742 with VDE 0710 part 14
order no.
10 50 01
10 50 02

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