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Temperature Regulators / Power Control Units

Most electric heatings must be used temperature-controlled.

As a producer of electric heatings, we know the requirements on temperature regulators from our experience.

Therefore, we offer appliances which combine high control quality, quick start-up times and reasonable prices.

Selection criteria for an appropriate temperature regulator:

Regulator types:

  • desktop models
  • wall-mounted models
  • for installation in control cabinets
  • splash-proof models
  • compact multichannel models

Consumer connection:

  • permanently installed
  • plug-in connections for a quick disconnection of heater and regulator

Control characteristics:

  • simple P or PD - control
  • PID - with self-optimizing control parameters

Power control:

  • for A.C. or D.C. systems
  • relays or power contactors as mechanical control
  • semiconductor relays as electronic control

Additional features:

  • limit contacts, signal contacts or limit comparators for a temperature-dependent switching of separate electric circuits
  • ramp functions
  • program functions

Temperature limit control:

Some applications require an additional temperature limiter. Please follow your national safety regulations, e.g. in Germany DIN EN60519-2 "Safety in Electroheat Installations".

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