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Temperature Regulators

Limit Controller

HW 16

Monitoring Device for Excess Temperatures of Electric Heatings

For safety reasons, it is advisable to use a HW 16 monitor when electric heatings work without supervision, e.g. in continuous use or during the night.

The temperature limit is digital, in 1 °C steps. The temperature sensor should be placed where the highest temperature is expected or where critical temperatures must not be reached. When the temperature limit is attained, the HW 16 switches off the heating and gives visual and audible alarm. While the audible alarm can be switched off immediately, the visual error message remains visible.

Before the heating can be started again, the temperature must fall below the limit.

The Pt 100 sensor can be connected to the regulator with a diode plug. Boreholes at the rear side allow the fixing of a support clamp (accessories).

Technical Data:

type: limiter
control system: P
power control: double-pole relay
switching power at 230 V~: 3600 W
mains switch: double-pole (luminous)
degree of accuracy: 0.5 %
switching hysteresis: 3 K
safety class: I
protection category: IP 30
mains cable: 1.3 m
case dimensions: 76 x 115 x 145 mm
case material: coated steel / aluminum
order no. switching power sensor
06 04 20 16 A Pt 100

HW 17

Electronic Temperature Limiter / Temperature Monitor for Mounting Rails

The HW 17 temperature limiter was especially designed for the installation on mounting rails (TS35) in control cabinets and casings.

The high­quality, microprocessor-controlled device monitors or limits the temperature at the determined measuring point. Depending on the configuration, a relay switches self­locking (limit mode) or reclosing (monitor mode). By pressing the reset button or by interrupting the mains supply, the latching-up period can be ended.

Optionally, the relay can act as a breaker or as a closer. The basic setting of the device is determined via DIP switches inside the casing. The limiting value can be set exactly with a small screwdriver on rotary switches at the front side. The built­in relay switches resistive loads unipolar up to 250 VAC, 3 A. As a rule, separate contactors or relays should be controlled with a HW 17. The wiring can be made via pluggable terminal screws, which is very convenient. For service purposes, the complete control unit can be pulled out of the casing without dismounting.

Technical Data:

type: limit controller / monitor
input: Pt 100 (2 or 3 wiring), NiCr-Ni, Fe-CuNi (L) and (J), PtRh10-Pt (S), 0(4) ... 20 mA, 0 ... 10 V and other thermocouples
limit range: -200 ... 1760 °C dependent on sensor type
limit value adjustment: 3 indicating dials for screwdrivers
output: relay (change-over contact)
switching power: 250 V / 3 A
protection category: IP 20
mounting: on 35 mm mounting rails
dimensions: 22.5 x 75 x 105 mm
order no. nominal voltage
06 04 25 230 VAC / 115 VAC
06 04 26 24 VDC

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