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In General

Important note:

The appliances and components presented here may only be installed and put into operation by specialists or instructed persons. We refer to the valid national rules and guidelines..

The specified temperatures are the maximum permissible values of the applied materials. This does not mean that these temperatures will or must be reached in any case, or that the temperatures will be reached or kept automatically.

Please note: to reach the desired medium temperature you have to take the medium itself, the heated body and the heating­up time into your consideration.

As a rule, all products listed in our catalog can be delivered from stock. In case you cannot find a suitable type for your application, we shall be glad to offer a appropriate solution, if possible.

We are specialized in the producing heating systems according to your requirements, single items as well as series production,

Just send us a fax or give us a call and we are glad to send you a free detailed offer.

E-mail: info@horst.de

Phone: (+49) 0 62 51 - 96 26 0

Fax: (+49) 0 62 51 - 96 26 96

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